H1b visa is in double troubles

In recent years, immigration policies have been tightening, and applications for h1b and green cards (also known as h1b绿卡) have become increasingly difficult. The USCIS proposes a new review requirement for the US h1b visa (also known as 美国h1b签证), listing a clearer and clearer list of documents to prove that the employer, the H1-B applicant, maintains a legal employment relationship with a third-party agency and requires the US employer to Submitting evidence before deciding to hire a foreign talent proves that it is impossible to find a suitable employee in the country, which makes the difficulty and intensity of the H1-B application greatly increased.

In addition to the difficulty of applicants, employers are also facing employment shortages. The USCIS requires domestic companies to submit evidence before they decide to hire foreign talents to prove that they cannot find suitable employees in the country. Employees currently working in the United States need to report the details of their work, explain why they were hired and where they will work in the future.

Local technology companies have said that because of the low number of highly skilled professionals in the United States, visa programs are critical to the country’s dominance in the global technology market. Therefore, the U.S. Affairs Bureau hopes to confirm that the visa holders’ wages will not be less than the agreed amount and hope to confirm that their positions are attributed to the professional type. These have increased the difficulty of h1b applications. In addition, the US government will strictly examine the legal status of the applicant, so applicants who have just graduated must remember to apply for opt extension (also known as opt延期), so as not to fall into the disadvantage of being rejected by the Immigration Bureau.

Some people will have a job-hopping plan after h1b application is successful. H1b job-hopping (also known as h1b跳槽) is not easy. The situation of rejection is also increasing. The h1b transfer time (also known as h1b transfer时间) must be well grasped. Don’t lose legal status because of changing jobs. After getting h1b, you can consider applying for a green card. Because the green card schedule (also known as 绿卡排期) is long, you need to plan ahead.